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How to Use Human Behaviour to Drive Brand and Culture

Daniel Epstein, former Harley Procter Marketing Director, P&G and Mandy Sutherland, Senior Consultant, Steelcase Applied Research joined us for a discussion on Human Behaviour recently.

They shared their insights on shifts in best practices for marketing and innovation based on the science of human behaviour and decision making.


The findings of cognitive and behavioural science now permeate the strategies of business and marketing innovators. The notion of “understanding your customer” has reached new heights. Are you able to take advantage of these new thinking models?

Daniel shared that most innovators only focus on half of what it takes to grow a brand. Spending more and more media dollars to fuel a “conscious engagement strategy” may never counteract deep-rooted consumer habits. However, using a “behavioural conversion strategy” can sway consumer behaviour.


Today, the pressure for organizations to be competitive and entrepreneurial is more pervasive than ever. Our research findings and processes for experimenting, combined with the signals from the market, indicate that cultivating a culture of innovation is critical to adapting to our dramatically shifting landscape.

Mandy shared that the key to building a resilient organization lies in creating a working experience where there is a clearly communicated, compelling vision that resonates with the entire organization as it grows and changes.

When explicit linkages are made between desired cultural attributes and the design of the work environment, the workplace can become a strategic asset and influence employee behaviour. This breeds a culture that will entice talented and creative people well into the future.

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